Visual Artist: DAN  RAMIREZ
 cell: 954.299.0916

Work Statement:

Inspired by the natural and organic materials found within my backyard and surrounding Wynwood areas. I have become very much connected to Wynwood’s origins and land before time. During my recent research, I have come to know Wynwood’s original inhabitants: The Calusa Indians. Also known as the Tall-Shell People, whom roamed the Floridian landscape over 2000 years ago...
They were a peaceful and family driven tribe, but very fierce when defending their territories. Fierce enough, that Northern Tribes would hire the Calusa too fight along-side- them during time of war. Calusa, in fact meant: “Fierce People”. The Calusa would then trade their fighting skills for ceramic pots or other various ceramic ware. As clay was a foreign material and not found in Floridian soil. In this manner, they managed to transport fire in their canoes during their journeys across the sea.
The Calusa people have since become extinct. Only their large shell mounds can be found today, remnants of a culture once so vibrant & prosperous....
Many centuries later, South Florida consist of many diverse and unique transplanted cultures. Today, modern South Florida, including Wynwood, has a prevalent LBGT community. Like the Calusa, the LGBT community has also played an important evolutionary role in our most recent history. Like a Tribe, but solely based on love. Where love has no boundaries and anyone can roam as freely as the Calusa once roamed so many years before. Also like the Calusa, they must be vigilant of any unforeseen threats that may inflict pain onto its own community....The LGBT community like a Tribe has a very strong spiritual presence. If love equals strength, one can only imagine how powerful a network of people can become with Love being the only singular focus. A Tribe that accepts anyone regardless of Race, Religion, Political Views, Gender or Gender-Type. Ultimately, it really should be “love” that rules over all. Still cliché, but still so powerful.
Possibly loving without any boundaries, whether one is part of the LGBT community or not may be the answer in the annihilation of: war, prejudice, racism, hate, desegregation, bigotry, homophobia, discrimination, violence, hatred, antipathy, sexism, guilt, self- mutilation, shame, depression, suicide, child abuse, marital abuse, substance abuse, phobias, mental abuse etc..etc..etc...
In the visual merging of these two most unlikely human civilizations, I have by my own design created a new type of spiritual driven Tribe. A Tribe without Race, Color of Skin, Religion or Creed. A Tribe of People in every sense of the Word.

Apart from utilizing the natural organic materials for the sculptures and/or mix-media work(s), I have also continued to implement the binary system into my art in subtle ways. The same Binary System made of “1” (Ones) and “0”(Zeros) as currently
imprinted into all modern computers. Throughout the years, I have developed an analogy between the Binary System and our Human Lifespans.
The infinite systematical switching of two digits, reminds me of humanities daily countdown. Unlike the Binary System which is seemingly endless, our lives, as the saying goes: “are numbered”.
I see these “1’s” and “0’s” simulating the days of the week, months and/or years. Starting from our birth date to our last day or death date....
Additionally, I have introduced the Gender Binary. The Gender Binary classifies gender into the two distinct opposite forms of “Masculine” and “Feminine”, I would in essence devise a new Coded Binary System. By Implementing the LGBT colors into the systematical coded Binary System, I’ve morphed both systems into one unique imprint.
A newly discovered coded imprint expressed by the Tribe ,as War Paint, Tattoos or Ritual- Like Markings on their Faces and/or Bodies. This an expression of their Fierce Strength; their Unified Unconditional Love for themselves, including their devotion to the Natural World around them.....