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Black Balloons Series
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"Black Balloons Series" 
(Drawings w/ Digital Overlay Ongoing thru 2018
"Black Balloons Series: Selfie at The Miami River Underpath"
"Black Balloons Series: 3 Women Walking on South Beach"
"Black Balloons Series: Irma Relocated Manatee"
What is a black balloon? To the general public, a black balloon or any colored balloon is a flexible rubber bag that we blow air into. Balloons can actually be made of rubber, latex, polychloroprene or even nylon fabrics. These materials come in variety of colors. The balloon(s) can then be filled with gasses such as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen or air.

The earliest forms of balloons were made out of dried animal intestines and bladder and were used by clowns or buffoons for entertainment.
It is believed, that the first balloon was discovered by Bartolomeu de Gusmao. It made its first public appearance during an exhibition in Lisbon.
Origins of the first “latex” balloon can be traced back to 1824 where a scientist by the name of Michael Faraday, was also the inventor of the first generator. From his experiments using balloons came many devices that led to the modern electric motor, generator and transformer. He invented the balloon for experiments using various gasses; he called his invention caoutchoucs. Considered by Albert Einstein as one of the greatest scientific discoverers of all time. The latex balloon was created by Faranday to aid him while working on his much greater historical achievements. One can say, that the balloon assisted in the discovering of all these other mankind altering inventions. The balloon itself would change the scientific world. It would be used for military communications, scientific experiments and transportation. 
Activists in Western Europe used balloons for propaganda purposes that would float east over Eastern Europe and release newspapers and pamphlets. Today, South Korean activists are using the same balloon method to get information to those in North Korea. In today’s modern era, some hot balloon pilot’s continue to release small balloons into the air. In this manner they can see which way the wind is blowing at altitudes below 3,000 feet. They often prefer to use black balloons, so that it would be easier to see them in the sky.

Some cultures and religions see a black balloon from a different perspective. In some cultures black balloons are used during birthdays, to remind him or her that death is invariable. Here in the United States colorful balloons have become symbols of festive gatherings or carnivals. Birthday parties especially, signify a joyous occasion and balloons of different shapes and colors are always part of the celebration. To the American public, balloons of all colors and/or sizes represent a joyous activity. 

Many spiritualists believe that a person can leave some of their soul inside a balloon. Blowing air into a balloon meant transferring some of your essence into that balloon. If the balloon blew the air back at you, this meant that the balloon did not care for any part of your soul. Balloons acted like vessels once released into the atmosphere, eventually meeting their fait. The higher a balloon descends into the atmosphere, the more air pressure goes down, making the latex expand. This cause and effect make balloons naturally explode. In the spirit world, when balloons explode, a person’s negative or positive aura can be released into the world. In this manner, we are affected by those feelings and emotions released by a single balloon. Many call this superstition, but I feel that there can be a connection between human beings (us) and a black balloon.

​I became conceptually intrigued with the plight of a black balloon and its journey. It fascinated me to see one balloon almost reach the outer regions of space; the a¬¬byss. Nonetheless, the significance of this journey became more personal to me in time. What did it mean? The concept of seeing many black balloons floating into the sky sparked more interest. What if, “something negative” can be taken from us? Maybe, a black balloon can take from us “that something”, which we no longer wish to keep. It can possibly¬¬¬¬ also help us forget. What dark substance can a black balloon take from you? Everyone has a secret or a memory that he or she would rather relinquish from existence. 
Deeply rooted negative memories cause pain in our minds, while negative emotional feelings cause pain in our hearts. As I continued to explore this notion, 
I found more inspiration from a song titled “Black Balloons”. Song and Lyrics produced by “Local Natives”. Some of the songs lyrics, express how: “Black balloons can form into a poison cloud, how they can hold you down and bring you back up again and how every day is like life or death”. Some music enthusiasts feel that in this song, the “black balloons” represent all the negative things that couples tell each other during a quarrel. In essence, the song may define black balloons as all the awful, judgmental-abusive verbal attacks expressed during the heat of the moment. Ultimately, the songs storyline is not relevant. What is relevant is how a black balloon no matter the reason, can harness emotions and past memories.

These harnessed emotions are not only relevant, but can be very powerful as well. What makes the Balloons relevant, are the emotions that they can harness within them. In theory, releasing these emotions from your life is just as powerful as harnessing them. The releasing of a black balloon becomes a metaphor for releasing the pain inside of you. Since pain comes in so many different forms, what we feel as "emotional" can be different from person to person. These emotions also make each person's pain unique in their own way. Expressing words onto a black balloon, adds a sense of closure. This is your stamp of acknowledgment and your stamp for freedom.
Acknowledging that word or words and releasing them from your soul is a brave decision. Your life is created by the decisions that you have made, why not change it today and forever?  

"Release your Darkness; Regain your Freedom”

"Black Balloons Series: Gurlz at the Beach"
Black Balloons - Work Statement
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